The Overture Ensemble

Ages 6 - 11, Beginners and Low-Intermediate

The Overture Ensemble is for young, elementary-level students.  They are in grades 1 through 6.  The majority are beginners on their instruments, but some are intermediate.

Most of our string players (violins, violas, cellos, basses) are in Suzuki Books 1 or 2 (or the equivalent).  Depending on their progress, your child may be able to audition as early as only 6 months of study.  

First violins section: if your little violinist began young and progressed quickly,  the Overture Ensemble's first violins section may be the right place.  Violinists under the age of 11 in Suzuki Book 3 will be place in this section.

Flutists and percussionists who have completed 1 - 2 school years of study are eligible to audition for the Overture Ensemble.  Brass and all other woodwinds may audition when they have completed 2 full school years of study.

During the evaluation audition, the ensemble director will hear your child play a piece they have prepared in advance; whatever they are currently studying in their private lesson or at school will suffice.  There are no scale requirements for the Overture Ensemble, but if your child does know some scales, they may demonstrate them for the director, so she can form a complete picture of their current ability.  She will then place a short, unfamiliar piece of sheet music in front of them for them to play, to assess their music-reading ability.