The Always Be Creative! Ensemble

Jazz, Blues, and World Music: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

In this ensemble, students are exposed to a wide variety of musical traditions from around the world, while studying the art of improvisation.  Students who have a solid command of their instruments over a 2-octave range and are ready to "leave the page" are well-suited to this ensemble. 

Most members are age 12 and older, but younger students with extraordinary ability and maturity may be admitted, at the conductor's discretion.

All instruments are welcome.  Positions in ABC! for piano, guitar, and acoustic or electric bass are limited to one each.  Auditions will only be held for these instruments when there is a vacancy.

Strings (except acoustic bass), woodwinds, and mallets:

Solo: prepare a solo piece of your choice from classical, jazz, or popular repertoire.

Scales: C, G, D, A F, Bb, and Eb major scales in two octaves from memory, in eighth notes, at quarter note = 100 bpm.


The following scales must be played from memory, in eighth notes, at quarter note = 100 bpm.

Trumpets: C, D, A, F, Bb, and Eb major scales in 1 octave, G major in 2 octaves.

Trombones and baritones (euphonium): C, G, D, A, Bb, and Eb major in one octave, F major in 2 octaves.

Acoustic or electric bass: Eb, G, A, and Bb major scales in one octave, C, G, and D major scales in two octaves (all pizzicato for acoustic bass).


Solo: prepare a piece that demonstrates the ability to play with both hands simultaneously and with independence.

Scales: C, G, D, A, F, Bb, and Eb major scales in both hands simultaneously for the full range of the piano.

Sight reading will measure the student's ability to read grand staff.

Guitar: solo and scale requirements are the same as they are for woodwinds, strings, and mallets.  Additionally, they should be able to play all major, minor, and 7th chords, including bar chords.

Drum set: demonstrate swing beat and rock beat, using both hands and both feet, simultaneously.