Orchestra Lab

Elementary to Intermediate Ensemble for Teens

Perhaps you started playing an instrument at an older age, like in middle school, or even high school.

Maybe you studied an instrument for a little while when you were younger, then quit, and now you want to pick it up again.  But all of your friends have progressed a lot since you've been gone.

Maybe you've never had private lessons before.  The level of the kids who have had private teachers can be quite intimidating.

Like many other teens, you have a passion for music, and you'd like to be really good at your instrument.  You'd like to play in an ensemble, but it can be hard to find the right thing.  A lot of ensembles for teens are very advanced.  The ensembles that play music you can currently handle are full of little kids.  What can you do?

Youth Orchestras of Essex County has the solution:  Orchestra Lab is an ensemble for teens who are currently playing on an intermediate or even an elementary level.  The music is fun and engaging, but also accessible.  The focus is on skill development, so that you can catch up to your peers quickly.  In this ensemble, we work on orchestra skills and ensemble skills, technical development, musicianship concepts, and we bridge the skill gap between orchestra and band instruments.  

Open to all instruments, students ages 13-18, grades 8-12.